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In 2007 we invested in up-to-date equipment and know-how in the field of high-pressure hoses and relevant products. Now we are capable of performing mass production of even high-pressure products and we support a wide range of products, such as:

Hydraulic high-pressure hoses (oil and fuel oil)

Hoses hydroplast high-pressure / laundry

Fuel oil pipes flexible low pressure

Hoses for high temperature steam

Teflon high temperature and pressure pipes

Temper pipes (airless) / thermoplastic

Freon hoses

Polyamide pipes (black)

Fitting nuts:  steel, brass, stainless steel

High-pressure  valves

Fast nodes

None-return valves

Adjusting valves

In our facilities we have all the required equipment in order to construct a wide range of flexible shafts which apply to:

Operating handles


Revolution counter (tachometer)



Machine accelerators

* We also provide equivalent operating handles for flexible shafts.

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